The best website for downloading high-quality Corsair and Razer RGB Profiles which are also referred to as Corsair iCUE Profiles and Razer Chroma Profiles. These are hand-made lighting effects that are imported into the Corsair iCUE and Razer Synapse software applications.

I’m Alex Krastev, the designer behind all of these RGB profiles. This all started in 2015 and I have been active ever since creating new profiles and also updating existing ones to support the latest Corsair and Razer RGB hardware. I have spent countless hours and created over 600 RGB profiles. My unique hobby is made possible by supporters who purchase the premium RGB profiles on this website or support me on Patreon. Thanks to these supporters I’ve not only been able to justify the work I put in but I have also been able to purchase all the hardware needed to support as many PC setups as possible.